Bolčič, massive furniture

Bolčič, massive furniture

Does furniture made of massive wood go together with modern lifestyle? The answer is, off course! The proof that this is a winning combination lies in Bolčič`s success. They have been receiving awards for best design and perfected production of massive furniture on regular basis.

There is no such material that would be warmer, more domesticated and joyful than wood. That is why Bolčič`s engineers love wood so much. Thanks to above average technological equipment and qualifications and a three-generation tradition they managed to develop a sophisticated relationship to wood. In the past years Bolčič has been developing ideas for creative furniture in cooperation with acknowledged local designers. Together they created a number of masterpiece products successfully presented at international fairs. 

Bolčič takes a piece of wood, treats and uses it for practical and attractive products. The company`s amazing professional knowledge helps turn raw wood into useful and attractive pieces of furniture.

Furniture made by Pohištvo Bolčič is a long-term investment with great aesthetic value. Each piece of Bolčič`s furniture is a masterpiece decorated by nature itself.

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