LESKO Žiri, an eccentric among manufacturers of wooden windows

Lesko okna - horizontalni logo

The company Lesko from Žire is active for more than 20 years, although its name is not so acknowledged on the Slovenian market the company could righteously brag with great success. You would be surprised if you knew who owns their windows. One of the proud owners of Lesko windows is for example the famous tennis player Maria Sharapova. The Lesko windows even became part of the majestic image of one of Russia’s most prestigious protocol buildings, the Constantine Palace in Sankt Petersburg, but you can admired their windows also in Slovenia, for they beautify a number of private modern and old renovated houses like the building Urbančeva hiša on Ljubljana`s famous square Prešernov trg (the former Centromerkur and current location of the shopping centre Emporium).

Lesko specialized in curved wooden windows adjusted for the production of rustic box section (for buildings under monumental protection) and modern windows. The company`s products are the right choice for all those with special needs and sophisticated taste. Thanks to excellent carpentry and computer skills and the latest hardware and software on the market, Lesko can satisfy its customer`s needs and manufacture windows in even the most unusual shapes. Lesko Žiri is really unique when it comes to wooden windows, a true eccentric in a good sense.

Lesko handles extremes and everything in between. Check out its references on www.lesko.si.