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Light plays a crucial role in every person’s life, it substitutes the sun, defies the moon and darkness and creates a good working, home or playing environment and atmosphere. People want more than just a source of light, they want to create special atmospheres and combine light and aesthetics to variegate their homes or working environment.

Choosing the right luminary for your home or office is extremely important, for it will affect the quality of your work and living. The choice of luminaries should be included in your house plan, so you could avoid unpleasant and additional work and potential technical restrictions when installing them. This, of course, is not always possible, but ES svetila will find a suitable solution even in the most complicated situations.
The company ES svetila is taking care of its customers for over 20 years.

It offers support when planning where and how to install luminaries

  • It will do an inspection of the building and invite you to their shop where based on your architecture plan it will prepare a suggestion for the illumination of your building
  • It does calculations and prepares illumination simulations
  • It delivers luminaries and switches
  • It does electrical installations and fitting
  • It provides light bulbs, lamps and other material 

Service and maintenance

You probably want a unique, but still functional and energy-saving illumination in your home or office, ES svetila chooses partners who offer just that, different, exclusive and the best in their filed. ES svetila also strives for reduction of light pollution and electricity consumption.

Let the experts of ES svetila, who have all the required knowledge and enough experience in this field to light up your home or office, restaurant, church, petrol station, store or warehouse. They also illuminate demanding works such as cold stores, nuclear power plants, carwashes, etc. 


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