The biggest sleeping centre


The biggest sleeping centre

Maremico is one of the leading water bed and modular mattress manufacturers. In its sleeping centre you will be able to choose from a wide range of sheets, covers, bed heads, bases and bed slats. The company will offer you professional advice, help you choose your ideal bed and be at your service even after the sale is completed.

Water beds

The Lectus trademark stands for innovative, top-quality water beds that will give you pleasant warmth and the feeling of comfort and relief, which is exactly what we need to get a good night sleep. Nowadays you will find water beds in homes of athletes, people with backache as well as fans of quality sleep.

Modular mattresses

For those of you, who are not particularly fond of water beds, Maremico prepared a wide range of modular mattresses, known under the name Leticia. Because of its modular structure Leticia enables perfect adaptation and suitable support for your body, because the modules of different hardness can be moved from one side of the mattress to another. In addition to the mattress, you can also buy a modular pillow with height, hardness and incline adjustment.

Custom made beds

Maremico is unique not only for using the best materials and manufacturing top-quality products, but also because it is the only company in Slovenia offering free measurement of point pressure with BodyPrint, the most sophisticated measuring device which helps people choose their ideal bed that will suit every single individual’s body proportions and sleeping habits.

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