Throw away your keys and start using your finger!

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Easy to use, reliable and affordable – these are the assets of biometric ekey readers. 

The ekey readers` constant increase in popularity derives from their simplicity, reliability and affordability. The data show that Slovenia, taking into consideration the number of inhabitants using the ekey fingerprint readers, is at the top of list together with a few other world countries.  In Slovenia the biometric system is used by more than 41,700 people, more than half of the systems were bought for domestic use.

Ekey products

ekey HOME

A simple personal entering system with ekey home.  

You can use the ekey system to secure your apartment, house, public building, areas of high security, treasures, safes, weapon closets, etc.
The system runs your code and if the code is registered, the system will send out a signal for disabled access. 

ekey MULTI

The perfect solution for those who do not like carrying keys around and need more than just one biometric reader. 

Ekey MULTI is a biometric access control system that can open up to 4 doors in your home or business building with one single controller and without any computer support.

ekey NET

The newest biometric access control system for companies.

Ekey net is the perfect solution for companies with a larger number of employees. The system is constructed to work in a network, which means that we can use more terminals on one location and take and manage the data on one place.

ekey LOCK

A digital cylindrical cartridge for locking house, apartment and office doors or as part of the access system in companies. 

It can be switched on the network without any extra installations and monitored through a PC. It can also be easily integrated into other systems such as the access system with RFID cards, keyboards, etc. 

TIK terminal

Reading working hours on touch – no cards, keys, passwords or codes. Easy to use and reliable, it calculates presence and absence precisely.

The main purpose of this terminal was to register the employees` working hours. It is an easy to use, user-friendly programme which can make an exact analysis of working hours for each employee based on terminal entries. It can be adjusted to special needs of the end-user.

ekey LOGON

Exchanging names and passwords for biometric technology. 

Easy access to PCs, laptops, terminals and networks. User passwords are no longer needed. 

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