When the company was founded it had one main goal, to manufacture quality products with high added value. Soon their aluminium front doors became well-known across the borders. Pirnar started selling its doors to Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland and Spain and today only half of the company`s production is for the Slovenian market. Pirnar does not keep doors on stock; every door is made on order and is custom made.

In the beginning Pirnar was manufacturing other fabricated metal products, then the company switched to staircases, stainless steel staircase and balcony fences and pulling handles for doors. From pulling handles to doors was just a short step. In the year 2000 the company specialised in aluminium front doors. According to international evaluations performed by competitive companies Pirnar`s doors were ranked among top three at the German BAU fair. In these evaluations the following was taken into account: the composition, applied technology, design and materials.

Their biggest pride and joy are the HiLine Multilevel doors playing with a 3-dimensional design and its opposite the HiLine Pure with pure lines and a purely minimalistic design. Both doors fill their users all over Europe with great enthusiasm. 

Spletna stran: http://www.pirnar.si/