Quality dwelling assured

Vila Bravum represents a group of companies that furnish homes and maintain the outdoor area according to the highest standards. The Vila Bravum Group members guarantee for high quality products and services with their reputation, tradition and good name.

The Vila Bravum Group is building excellence into everything it does.

If you trust one of us, you can trust us all

Are you building a house or fixing up an apartment and you do not know whom to hire for the job?
Whenever we are in doubt, we seek advice from those we trust. Before you start building or fixing up your home, contact the Vila Bravum Group, for their tradition, reputation and numerous references clearly show that they can be trusted. Those who already hired one of our members and saw our work know what to expect from the rest of the group – i.e. pure excellence.

Formation of the Vila Bravum Group?

The members of the Vila Bravum Group were successful company owners who decided to join forces and offer their clients a wider range of services. They met on regular basis and through years of cooperation this group of friends and acquaintances learned about each other’s work and business, which resulted in mutual trust. They turned into a group of trustworthy professionals who guarantee for each other beyond any doubt and know that recommending any other member of the Vila Bravum Group to their customers is 100% safe. We guarantee that the Vila Bravum Group members are your best and safest choice.

The Group members` common values



respecting the customers


Who are the members of the Vila Bravum Group?

The Vila Bravum Group is a group of respected and reputable companies offering high quality products and services. They will smarten your house or apartment, furnish your rooms and maintain the outdoor area. All group members are top in their field. Their tradition and numerous customers are the assurance for top-quality services and products and a proof of their trustworthiness. 

How to become a member of the Vila Bravum Group?

The criteria for joining our Group are stringent. New members are accepted into the Group only upon recommendation of our existing members, who must know the new candidate for at least 5 years. The second term for joining the group is to be active and successful in one of the fields represented by the Vila Bravum Group, to own a shop and run a good business. Thereby each company must add to the offer of the other group members, may not be considered their competition, must have a good reputation and be seen as one of the best in its field. The member that recommends the novice is held responsible in case this one turns out to be unsuitable or lacking to fulfilling the group’s quality and other requirements. Since the initiator’s good name is at stake, the members dare to suggest only the best candidates.
This is the only way to maintain the Group’s reputation for offering high standard and quality services.