Tyrolean thermal baths with a Slovenian telescopic folding roof


The Slovenian company Zoom Zimski vrtovi applied at an international tender and presented its solution for covering the saltwater swimming pool in Spa Zillertal which was so impressive that the company was given an opportunity at the project. The project, which was completed just recently, is special because of its elegant profile and slim construction designrust-resistant construction and a unique approach to solving problems, in this case making a unique »cabriolet« roof with a span-width of 17 meters.

Three sections, each four metres wide, can be folded by help of an engine drive. Making a movable roof with such a huge span and weight, which shall at the same time appear light and elegant, but still resistant to the impacts of warm saltwater, was a real challenge.

The plan, design, statics and fitting of the roof caused a few sleepless nights for the experts from the Slovenian company Zoom Zimski vrtovi, but once the roof was standing the sleepless nights ware quickly forgotten. The “Cabrio-Zoom” did not impress only the owners of Spa Zillertal, but also the visitors, who will, thanks to this brilliant solution, be able to enjoy the saltwater bath at the foothills of the Tyrolean hills throughout the year.